Boys Hairstyles Tips

First impression is the most important thing in style. And of course, hair is the first thing when people look at you. So, you have to select best hairstyle for your kid to gain best first impression. As kids psychologists says, for healthy character development, self confidence is one of the key factors. Starting from this point of view, we can understand why the good looking hairstyle is most important thing for your boy.

Choosing the right hairstyle not an easy task, especially for the boys. Mans don’t have a lot of options to choose, even the kids are slog on choosing right style. So, in this deep guide, we tried to tell every single tip and tried to answer most common questions about boys hairstyle.

First of all, you have to select best option depending on hair length. As we all know, long hair is not common in young boys, but for choosing the best option, we have to conceive that too. After the length factor, you need to choose by color, and the last one is hair type. It’s obvious, we need to choose haircuts by those factors.

For boys and gentlemen, it’s not easy to tell about your haircut to barber. In this deep guide, we gonna tell you, what you need to say your barber and much more. Also you want to check your boys hairstyles galleries in this category for more inspiration and models.

How Can I Find My Boys Hair Type?


There are three main hair types for every gender. Normal, thick and thin. Normal hair is the easiest to keep and style. But when it comes to thick or thin, it changes everything, especially for the styling. So, first of all, you need to determine if your little man got thick, normal or thin hair. There are a few steps for you to follow.


The best and easiest way to find if your boy’s hair is thick or thin is measure it. Not for the length of course, just by the width. As you don’t have any special tools to measure it, you just need to use your fingers.

First of all, get a single piece of hair from your boy’s head. Put it between your thumb and index finger. When you are doing it, just concentrate on the feeling. If you don’t feel anything, that means it’s thin hair.

If you feel it but not strong, that means your boy got normal aka fine hair. And last of it, if you feel it strong, then your boy got thick, aka coarse hair.


Diameter of hair is not always best way to find your boy’s hair type. You may also need to check his hair density. It’s easy like measuring hair width. Mostly, if you ask your son’s barber for density, you can get right answer. But if you don’t have for that, you can just follow a simple test at home.

First, stand in front of your boy and grab handful of hair on your boy’s head. It’s so easy to do if he has long hair. But if it’s not, it’s still possible to follow same technique. Right after grabbing the hair, check for the gaps between hair roots. If there are many scalps or if you can see scalps easily that means, his hair more likely be thin. If there is no scalp visible, that means it is thick. And lastly, if you are in the middle about scalps or hardly see, that means medium density, normal hair.

Those are the easiest options to find your boys hair type. And as we said, it’s key factor to choose right hairstyle for your little man. So, after identify his hair type, proceed on the models.

Hairstyles for Boys with Long Hair


When it’s uncommon, it’s also interesting and good looking. Long hair for boys may be hard to use, but with the right haircut and hair styling, it’s really magnificent. For boys with long hair, there are many things to consider. First of all, you need to know your hair type. For instance, if your boy’s hair is thick and long, applying some spiky models are worst choice you could ever do. So, after you learn how to find your boys hair type, you may continue to follow the tips which are we provide!

There are so DON’Ts for boys with long hair;

  • Never ever use braids, those are for girls.
  • You can use buns but not too tight.
  • Try to keep away from “emo” styles and don’t close his eyes with hair.
  • Always keep your boys hair neat and soft.

Long hairstyles are hard to maintain. But there are too many great styles and lots of celebrities are having long hairstyles. If your boy can keep his hair soft and clean everyday, long hairstyles are really good for look.

First rule of long hair for boys are not using any braids, in any condition. It’s strictly forbidden. There are some stylers who use experimental styles on boys with long hair but those are only experiments. Stay away from any kind of braid.

Man buns, which are too tight are not for boys. In late ages or teen phrase man buns are good looking but for the kids, they are only weird. Instead of tight man buns, keep it loose for buns. When the weather is hot, you may use those kind of buns on your boy. You can find various of boy long hairstyles at our website.

If you don’t want your boy get bullied at school or keeping him away from being gossip fodder, stay away from “emo” styles. Don’t close his eyes with his hair. It’s ugly and terrible.

Right after understanding key basics of that, you need to educate your boy about his hair. Long hair comes with responsibility which is it always needs to be keep clean, soft and neat.

To determine best hairstyle for boys with long hair, you just need to keep those tips in mind. After that, you can find a lot of inspirations and galleries in our boys hairstyles category.

boys-hairstyles-tipsHairstyles for Boys with Short Hair

Most of the parents are keeping their boys hair short. It’s more suitable for school or age than long hair. It’s also stylish and good looking. If you choose right hairstyle for your munchkin, he will look fabulous and handsome. And right after getting this good look, he will develop more self confidence.

There are not to many tips for boys with short hair. It’s easy to maintain and style. For getting most trendy and stylish hairstyle for your boy with short hair, you just need to find right inspiration. First of all, you need to experiment with your boys hair but while doing it, keep away from any different haircuts.

You can try different hairstyles with your boy by using some hair-styling mousse or similar products. It’s not only for determining new hairstyles, it also procure healthy relationship with your son. Also, playing with hair is a fun activity. Keep it in mind and try new things with your son.

Check galleries online to find new hairstyles. In our website, we are trying to find best and trendy hairstyles for kids. In our boys hairstyles category, you can find hundreds of different styles to try.

What is best way to tell barber what you want?

For boys and mans, it’s not easy to tell what you want to barber. Most of the times, barber doesn’t understand your needs with verbal instructions. It doesn’t matter if he well experienced or not. Hair and styling is not a verbal thing, it’s visual, you can think it like music. So, when you try to tell what’s in your mind, to avert misunderstandings, you need to try different things other than just telling.

Best way to tell barber what you want is showing some pictures. One picture worths thousands of words. So, avoiding misunderstandings, you can bring pictures of what you want with you. That is the probably best way.

What is the trendiest boy hairstyles right now?

Boys Hairstyles TipsFashion never sleeps and it changes every single day. That means, to find trendiest hairstyles you gonna need to follow some sources. Main source for trendiest hairstyles are magazines. There are too many fashion magazines for hairstyles but not many of them covering boys hairstyles.

But luckily, you can use internet to find trendiest boy hairstyles for your munchkin. There are many websites about hairstyles. But also, there are a few webpages which are focused on kids hairstyles.

As you can see in our about us page, we are working with best stylists to find hairstyles. Also, we have a team to search internet and magazines. In conclusion, you can find trendiest boy hairstyles just by following and visiting our webpage daily.

Boys Hairstyles by Face Shape

Face shape is one of the key factors for good hairstyle. Not only for boys, it’s applies to man too. So, first of all you gonna need to find your boys face shape. There are 5 main face shapes. Those are oval, round, square, heart/triangle and long. We will go over those in subheadings.

Boy Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is the easiest face shape to experiment with hairstyles. Most of common hairstyles are good for that face shape. Oval face shape got a ratio about 3 lengths to 2 widths. You can easily measure your face and see if your son has oval face shape.

Right after finding your face shape, you can see try to see what is good for your boy. Even the classic short hairstyle is good with oval face shape. In celebrities, Jake Gyllenhaal is a good example for oval face shape. In conclusion, you may try almost every single hairstyle with oval face shape.

Boys Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

Round face shape is the most obvious shape for males. Even at the young ages, you can easily see if your boy got a round face shape or not. It’s approximately equal in length and width. Mostly, there are not any corners at cheek area.

Round face shape needs to be balanced with hairstyle. For most stylish results, you must choose hair styles which add height or angle. That means, you need to use strict geometrical lines with your hair. For young boys, round face shape is easy to style. But you must be careful about width. Especially for the boys, adding width with hair results really bad, so you need to avoid it.

As celebrity, Stephen Rahman-Hughes is a good example for round face shape and hair style.

Boys Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

Square face shape is the ideal and most masculine face shape. You can see square face shape at movies like GI Joe or at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because of its masculine attribute, it may be hard to find good hairstyle for boys.

Long hair for square face shape is not a good option. For boys, you can try short or slicked back hairstyles. If your son got a square face shape, you just need to soften his lines at young ages. So, soft hairstyles will be the best option for him.

Boys Hairstyles for Heart/Triangle Face Shape

Heart and triangle face shapes are the most common among the man. Even at the young ages, it is easy to notice. Heart shaped face shape has an angular chin and wider forehead. Triangle got narrower chin but same with heart shape at forehead.

Heart and triangle face shapes are suitable for most of hairstyles. You just need to be careful at ear area. You just need to avoid adding width on ears otherwise it may look like weird. A good example for stylish hairstyle with heart/triangle face shape is David Boreanaz. His short hair style may be good for young boys too.

Boys Hairstyles for Long Face Shape

Long face shape is common too. To determine long face shape, you just need to look face’s height and width. Long face shape’s length is almost twice long as its width.

To find best and trendy hairstyle for long face shape, you just need balance your face height with some width. You must avoid lengthy hairstyles for your boy. You may use balanced models instead of experimental ones. That will give really good look.

The most stylish celebrity with long face shape is Johnny Depp. His hairstyles are always good and you can copy him on your boy. Also, you can follow Ryan Gosling for some tips. Don’t forget to check our galleries at boys hairstyles category too.

What Should I Think About While Choosing Hairstyle For My Son?

In this guide, we mention most important factors about boys hairstyles. Starting from hair type to face shape, there are a few key factors to consider while finding best and most stylish hairstyle for your boy. In conclusion, you can just follow those basic steps for finding best hairstyle for your little munchkin:

  • Find your boy’s hair type: Find if your boy’s hair thin, thick or medium. That will help you to narrow down your hairstyle alternatives. Hair type is one of the key factors of good hairstyle.
  • Always consider hair length: Hair length is directly connected with the hair styles. Also there are some DONTs for boys when it comes to hair length. So, while choosing right hairstyle for your boy, always consider his hair length.
  • Face shape is key factor: Face shape is the most important thing when it comes to hairstyle. There are only 5 face shapes. You just need to follow guidelines about face shapes while choosing right hair style for your son.
  • Hairstyles are not verbal, those are visual: When it comes to tell barber what you want, it might be troubling experience. Telling an hairstyle you want is almost impossible. So, you need to consider bringing the picture of hairstyle you want with you. That will help you as it helps to barber.
  • Don’t hesitate to try different things with your boy: Playing with the hair is fun activity. For example, at the weekends, play with your boy and try different styles as a game. That will invigorate connection between you and your son and also will provide new inspirations about hair styles.
  • Try to follow trends as much as possible: Being outdated in fashion is unacceptable, even in the young boy’s fashion. Just try following latest hairstyle trends and see if it’s applicable for your little munchkin.
  • Follow our galleries, daily: We are updating our galleries daily with new hairstyle trends and inspirations with lots of useful tips. So, to get best hairstyle for your son, you can follow your galleries and get inspirations.

Finding the right hairstyle for your boy is mostly about knowledge. If you simply follow the main tips, it will be easy to find most suitable hairstyle for your boy. Also, following those steps will narrow down your choices, so you can find it much more easy.

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