Tips to Find Best Hairstyle for Your Little Girl

Style is important starting from the young ages. According to psychological science, appearance is the most important factor for child psychology. As we all saw in news or any public media source, most of problem children suffered from bullies, especially because of their psychical appearance.

In that case, style is not only for good looks. It’s for self confidence and character development, also. So, if we cast aside those problems, let’s focus on something productive and see how we gonna determine the best hairstyle for girls?

Most important factor for girls hairstyle is length. Length has vital effect on every single hairstyle. For instance, if you give fuzz of hair prominence, possibly it will look terrible. Also, if you use very straight hairstyles for long hair, it may looks like an older women. So, first of all, you have to spare your options by the hair length.

Don’t think it’s racist but correct style options changes by the race. Even with the skin tone in same race. Also, hair characteristics changes by the race as it changes by the gender. We also have to accept that spare options again.

The last important factor is hair type. That’s to obvious you have to determine correct hairstyle for your girl by its type, curly, straight or wavy.

In this article, we split everything in sub headings, starting from length to occasions, to help you to find best hairstyle for girls!

hairstyle tips for girlsGirls Hairstyles By Length

Length is the first thing you need to look to find perfect hairstyle for your girl. Before everything, you need to find right hair length.

For short hair, it starts with “ear length”. Ear length is the shortest level of hair. As it implies in its name, its maximum length is ears. It doesn’t matter where it ends in ears, it may be on the top or earlobe, it’s still ear length.

Second type of short hair is “chin length”. It’s the most used short hair length for young girls. Also we need to mention, it’s fabulous.

Medium hair starts with neck length. It’s popular among young girls as well as adults. The next medium hair level starts with shoulders. Shoulder length hair is close to the long hair level but people who want long hair but doesn’t want to feel weight of hair choices that. It’s very common and simple for hairstyles. Especially ponytails, chignons and updos looks very well on shoulder length hairs.

As you know, everything longer than shoulders counts as long hair. It also has different names in it like bra strap length, mid back length etc. But we will count all as “long hair” in this article.

Now you learned how to find your hair length. Lets start with basics and best hairstyles by length for girls!

hairstyle tips for girlsGirls Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is the hardest level of hair to find best hairstyle. But we don’t care about it. Your girl will looks awesome in those styles. You just need to learn some tips about short hair and how you use it on your pretty girl.

  • Short hair needs simple hairstyles. You need to stay simple with short hair. You don’t want to overkill your kids’ hairstyle with assertive coiffure. Also, you need you consider your child’s age. Short hair means simplicity. So, you must use simple and clean looks for your girl.
  • You may crimp, but don’t overdo it. As we say before, you need to be simple on hairstyles for short hair. Crimped hair looks good in short hair, but you have to keep it wavy, not so much curly. Crimping short hair is not an easy task, but results will be outstanding.
  • Hair straightener is your best friend. Short hair always looks good with straight hair. Especially for girls, you can try straighten your hair. It gives very clean and very crisp look. Straight hair is best for little girls as well as adults. Also it’s easy to maintain, so if you need it fast, try that.

There are not too many tips for girls hairstyles for short hair. But if you follow those simple three tricks, your girl’s hair will looks amazing.

Also you may want to check our hairstyle galleries for short hair to get some ideas: Toddler Girls Short Hairstyles

Girls Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hair length easier to maintain than short or long hair. It also has plenty of hairstyle choices. You can use braids, head bands, hair crowns or anything you want with medium hair level. If you don’t overdo your hair, possibly everything will look awesome.

  • Don’t hesitate to try different hairstyle models. Medium hair level is a playground. You can try whatever you want and easily redo it, if you don’t like. Also, there are plenty of alternative hairstyles for medium hair length. So, you must try something new and check how it looks on your girl.
  • You can use different braids at same time. Medium hair length is most suitable hair level for hairstyles which includes lots of braids. So you may want to try braid a few pieces at same time and create different looks. Using braids is easy on medium hair length.
  • Updo looks good on little girls, especially toddlers. Updo’s may look weird on some hairstyles, but in general, especially for the medium hair length, updos looks very fabulous. It’s not only good looking, it’s easy to do, easy to maintain and suitable for almost every occasion.

Medium hair length is good for experiments. You can try lots of different hairstyles with your girl at home. There is only minus for this hair type which is it gives different results for every face and skin tone type. Therefore, trying different models with your kid at home is essential for medium hair length.

Girls Hairstyles for Long Hair

Welcome to braid heaven. Long hair level is the most suitable thing for braids. If you use braids well, your little girl will look like an angel. To be honest, long hair is hard to maintain and hard to care. But if you wash it often and keep it under control, long hair may look celestial. For little girls, long hairstyles are a bit limited. But despite of that limited choices, you may experiment at home abide by those tips we gave.

  • Try to do hair crowns with braids. Especially for special occasions, you may try hairstyles includes hair crown braids. Hair crowns are suitable for every occasion but it looks awesome on proms, birthdays or occasions like those. You may also try different braids at same time. But don’t use a lot, keep it moderate.
  • Buns are pretty and good looking for little girls. You can try use some buds. You may also support it with some braids. But keep it in mind, if you use buds, don’t use more than two braids wit it. Otherwise it may looks so complicated.
  • Avoid using heart shape with braids. Heart shape sounds good on theory but when it comes to your little girl’s hair, it looks so weird. Don’t waste your time with doing braids with heart shapes. Just keep it simple and try buns instead.

Long hair got lots of choices to try. But as we said, it’s hard to maintain. You can try lots of different hairstyles with long hair, but keep it in mind, buns and braids are crucial to get good looking long hairstyle for little girls.

Girls Hairstyles by Hair Type

After length, you must reckon with hair type. Curly hair needs different hairstyles than wavy or straight hair. Every single hair type needs to cared different and you must choice cutest hairstyle for your little girl wittingly. So, we divided each hair type for sub headings, if you follow the tips which we gave, according to our experiences, your little angel will look marvelous.

hairstyle tips for girlsGirls Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair may looks like a nightmare because of it’s hard needs to keep it under control. Especially in winter, with all electricity in air. But despite of all those grueling, curly hair has unique hairstyles. For little girls, curly hair is the cutest hair type of all. But you have to follow some guidelines and keep those tips we gave in mind. Otherwise you will experience a mess while trying to do something good.

  • Updos are not for little girls. If your little girl not Rihanna, you must avoid updos. Those are for adults. Most of parents doing updos on their little girls’ hairs but it’s terrible mistake by style. Curly hair needs to be thread different. Once again, try everything you want, but keep avoid of updos.
  • Curly hair has natural complexity, so keep it simple. Curly hair looks messy as natural. If you try to do something complex on curly hair, it may look like elflock. So, you must keep it simple and you have to choice simple hairstyles, especially for little girls.
  • You can keep it messy. Curly hair got natural hairstyle. You may keep it messy without any hairstyle. Just brush and use it. Keeping curly hair messy is not suitable for every occasion but it’s good for daily life.
  • If your little girl’s hair volume low, you may use ponytails. Ponytails are only good if hair volume is low. Otherwise it may look messy and extensive. But it’s hard to say something certain with ponytails for curly hair, so you may need to try it by yourself before decide.

Curly hair is really unique. But you may want to keep it simple instead of complex hairstyles. Especially for little girls, simplicity highlights beauty of face, so keep that in mind while choosing hairstyle for curly hair.

Girls Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair needs different care than curly hair. It may looks similar to straight hair but it’s way better for some hairstyles. So you need to highlight your hair curves in hairstyles. For little girls, wavy hair is rare. Children usually got curly or straight hair. Wavy hair be formed in late puberty. But some in some cases, kids may got wavy hair too. It’s pretty unique and needs to be well cared.

  • Ponytails are good for wavy hair. You can try side ponytails as well as regular ones. In theory, ponytails may look messy with wavy hair, but if you try it you will see it looks good. It’s easy to do, suitable for daily life occasions. But if your little girl needs hairstyle for prom or birthday like occasions, keep avoid of ponytails, it may look dingy.
  • You can use loose braids with wavy hair. Regular braids may look weird with wavy hair but you can use loose braids, especially if you put it on sides. But keep in mind, you must use only one braid. In every hair type, including wavy, two loose braids looks messy and bad.
  • Try braided buns for special occasions. Wavy hair can be tricky when it comes to special occasions. But for little girls -also adults-, Braided buns can solve all your problems. It looks really fancy.

Buns or braids are not regular with wavy hair. But some hairstyles are really good with buns and also braids. You may want to check our galleries for detailed instructions and inspirations for wavy hair hairstyles for little girls.

Girls Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Straight hair has a lot of great hairstyle opportunities. You just need to keep it simple and elegant. For adults, straight hair can used for lots of ostentatious hairstyles but when it comes to little girls, you may want to keep it a little simple. For little girl straight hair hairstyles, you need to highlight elegancy and pureness. So, first of all, you need to avoid big and messy styling and keep it really simple, like ponytails. For straight hair, ponytails are suitable for every occasion. But if you want to try something different, you may need to follow those tips;

  • You can use braids with ponytails. A side braid which comes with ponytail looks excellent for proms or birthdays. Its simple and complicated at same time. Braid gives diversity and detail touch to ponytail. And ponytail keeps everything simple. Also it’s so easy to do.
  • Avoid criss-cross patterns for little girls. For adults, its ideal for formal occasions but when it comes to little girls, criss-cross patterns are terrible for their age. It may looks easy to do, but definitely not for kids.
  • Updos are a big no. Straight hair looks amazing with updos for adults. But it’s terrible for kids. So you need to avoid updos when styling your kids hair. Updos are simple and elegant, that’s right but those are too formal and bad looking for kids.
  • Try different braids. Braids can be good for some face types and skin colors. But it depends on person. So, if you want to try something different with your little girl’s hairstyle, you can try braids. You can find lots of braid hairstyles in our galleries.

Straight hair hot so many styling options but it’s hard to find good hairstyles for little girls. So you need to follow those tips, at all times.

Best Hairstyles for White Girls

Hairstyle changes with the race. That’s not a supremacy or any racist thought. It is just because of facial, hair and skin type. We all accept, those are different in every race. It’s different but not superior to each other. So, when it comes to styling, you may want to choose best options for yourself, as well as your little girl.

  • Try braids but not micro braids. Most common mistake which is white girls made is using micro braids. Those braids are not suitable for your style. So, you may need to use bigger braids instead of micro braids. Also, micro braids for little girls only looks good on black people.
  • You may use loose regular braids or side. For loose braids, you must use just one. If you want to use more than one braid, you need to keep them tight. Also, loose braids looks good at side. You can prefer trying loose braids on side.

There are not too many tips to find best hairstyle for white girls. It changes with face, type and occasion. So, first of all you have to know, simplicity is your first priority, particularly for little girls. Keep it in mind and try to find best hairstyle for her.

hairstyle tips for girlsBest Hairstyles for Black Girls

Black girls got unique opportunity for buns and braids. Also, micro braids are really good looking for little blacks girls. But there is a common mistake among parents which is choosing complex hairstyles for little girls. Your little angel looks pure and elegant. If you choose extensive hairstyle or complex buns for her, her hairstyle preclude his beauty. So, there are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing right hairstyle for your little girl;

  • Avoid large buns or complex hairstyles. It is really important to get right hairstyle for your little black girl. You must keep it simple, so her beauty can seen. You can try buns or braids but don’t overdo it.
  • Braids are your best friend. Especially for black girls, braids looks really fancy. Even for short hair. You can try micro braids or regular ones on your little girl’s hairstyle. It will give an authentic touch to her look.
  • Try using less accessories. The best hair is natural one. So, try using less hair accessories while doing coiffure for your little girl. Try to not use more than a few buckle and if it’s possible hide them with hair.
  • Wild curls are good for daily life. It’s hard to keep best hairstyle for everyday, but you are lucky. If you need a fast and easy hairstyle, just do curly ponytail and leave her alone. It’s so easy to do and ready in a few minutes.

There are many hairstyle options and inspirations in our galleries. You can get ideas for any occasion and any hair type.

Best Hairstyles for Asian Girls

Asian girl hairstyles are similar to white people. But there are some differences between them. You may need to choose a little messy style for your girl. First of all, you have to avoid large and complex hairstyles for little asian girls. You can just use straight and long hair or a simple ponytail. It may need different hairstyles for other occasions but nearly all styles are easy to maintain, you just need to follow some tips.

  • Simplicity is your secret weapon. You don’t need to use big buns or braids to get great hairstyle for your little girl. You can just keep simple. You don’t even need to use buckles or something for daily life. Just try to choose simple hairstyles for your little girl.
  • Try to avoid curly hairstyles. Most of Asian girls got straight or a little wavy hair. So, as we said, you need to keep natural. If your hair type is straight, keep it in that way. Don’t try to give it some curls. Especially for little girls, doing unnatural hairstyles may result bad looking.
  • Big buns are for adults, not little girls. Try to not use big buns on your little girl’s hairstyle. Buns maybe looking good on adults, but you need to keep in mind your little girl’s age. So, try to avoid big buns and keep it really simple.


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